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The North Carolina HOBY Leadership Seminar is a 3-day leadership program for approximately 140 rising high school juniors held each June in Raleigh. HOBY Ambassadors have an opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills, learn about their personal leadership styles, and form an appreciation for community service. They attend panel sessions featuring prominent speakers from our government, businesses, media, and educational communities. They participate in leadership development workshops and activities. HOBY Ambassadors also participate in a community service project and learn how they can lead in service in their own communities. As a result of their experiences, the high school Ambassadors return to their schools and communities eager to make a difference and share what they have learned.

The HOBY NC East 2018 Seminar will take place from Friday, June 15 to Sunday, June 17, 2018 at NC State University.

Parents and Sponsors are welcome to view our Program Book¬†for more details about this past year’s seminar.

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