HOBY NC History

North Carolina’s first HOBY Leadership Seminar was held in 1979 by the Charlotte Jaycees at Belmont College. Fifty high school sophomores attended. By 1987, the HOBY-NC seminar had grown to over 200 Ambassadors. From 1988 through 2002, the Raleigh Jaycees ran a HOBY Seminar for Ambassadors from the Eastern half of the state and the Charlotte Jaycees ran the seminar for Ambassadors from the Western half of the state. However, in 2003, the seminars were reunited again under a single HOBY-NC banner and were managed and staffed primarily by the Raleigh Jaycees. In 2010, Jaycees and HOBY alumni from all over North Carolina have united to relaunch a second HOBY-NC seminar in western North Carolina.  The North Carolina seminars are now independent, but are grateful to North Carolina Jaycees for their past and continuing support.

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