Volunteer Opportunities

Why Volunteer?
Why not?!? The HOBY NC East Leadership Seminar is run COMPLETELY by volunteers, and new volunteers are always welcome and appreciated! Volunteer opportunities include a variety of volunteer positions, from the Leadership Seminar Planning Committee, to seminar weekend-only volunteers.

Seminar Planning Committee

  • Programming – Organize program speakers and activities
  • Recruitment – Encourage schools to register, and communicate with registered students/parents
  • Fundraising – Generate funds and collect in-kind donations
  • Operations – Oversee transportation, meeting space, and catering
  • Staff Development – Recruit, train, and oversee the facilitators and junior staff

Seminar Weekend Volunteers

  • Facilitators – must be at least 21 years old, assigned to supervise 8-12 students
  • Junior Facilitators – HOBY Alumni currently in college (ages 18-20), assigned to co-facilitate 8-12 students
  • Junior Special Ops – HOBY Alumni currently in high school (ages 17-18), set-up for events and provide operations support
  • Operations Staff – set-up for events and provide additional manpower needed during weekend

We also need volunteers to serve as panel speakers, keynote speakers, team building exercise leaders, and service project coordinators. If you are interested in volunteering, please email our Leadership Seminar Chair at HOBYDirector@hobynceast.org or apply online.

The HOBY NC East Leadership Team is comprised of an extraordinary group of volunteers who are committed to making a difference. On behalf the HOBY North Carolina East Leadership Seminar, we hope you will choose to join our local efforts. Your contribution will go a long way toward shaping and molding the lives of tomorrow’s leaders!

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